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We are pleased to announce a new and exciting partnership to make our foundational palliative education courses available in a leading-edge virtual learning environment. Partnering for Palliative Education is a collaboration between the Palliative Pain & Symptom Management Programs of Waterloo Wellington (Hospice Waterloo Region, Waterloo) and Southwest & Erie-St. Clair (St. Joseph’s Health Care, London).  Our vision is to transform the way learners gain knowledge about a palliative approach to care in a way that benefits a learner’s experience; is easy to use and is accessible for our learners and provincial palliative educators who will use our site.

In the future, we hope to move toward a blended virtual and face-to-face education model, when it becomes safe for health care providers, from different organizations, to gather.

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HPC Courses are designed to increase HPC expertise at all levels of care and scope of practice. Certificates will be issued upon successful completion of courses. Programs meet professional continuing education requirements.

Foundational HPC Courses

The Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care Core Program is an interactive, introductory-level palliative care course ideal for any health care provider or volunteer who supports those with life-limiting conditions. Learn more>
The Fundamentals of HPC Enhanced program is designed for NPs, RNs and RPNs. This case-based learning session follows the successful completion of the Fundamentals of HPC Core program and focuses on assessment and pharmacology. Learn more>
The Advanced Palliative Practice Skills (APPS) program is designed for Personal Support Workers (PSWs), and Health Care Aides, who are graduates of the Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care Core Program and who have an interest in enhancing their knowledge and skills related to palliative and end-of-life care. Learn more>
Nurses with passion and experience in palliative care are encouraged to apply for CAPCE. The course is designed to support the development of nurses as leaders with expertise in hospice palliative care to serve as resource professionals in their facilities, agencies and communities. CAPCE graduates become members of an ever-growing number of local nursing professionals invested in the provision of high-quality, evidence-informed hospice palliative care practice. Learn more>
The Effective Pain Management course is designed for NPs, RNs & RPNs. The focus is on the pharmacological management of pain. We believe health care providers have a professional responsibility to understand pain, in order to advocate for the best treatment plan possible for our patients’ pain management. Learn more>

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