Comprehensive Advanced Palliative Care Education (CAPCE)

Nurses with passion and experience in Palliative Care are encouraged to apply for CAPCE. The course is designed to develop nurses as leaders and experts in HPC to serve as resource professionals in their facilities, agencies and communities.

Course Details

Who is Eligible to Participate?

Applicants must:

What is the Commitment Involved?

68.5 hours, over a minimum of 18 week:

  • 20 hrs – Self-directed reading and  reflection
  • 4.5 hrs – E-Learning
  • 12 hrs – In-class, case-based learning sessions
  • 4 hrs – Peer to peer debrief
  • 12 hrs – Practical application
  • 16 hrs – Individual or small group coaching

What is the Cost to Attend?

  • TBD

Goals of CAPCE:

The Comprehensive Advanced Palliative Care Education program is where the “art” of providing palliative care meets the “science” of providing palliative care.

The goals of the CAPCE program are to:

  • Support individual capacity building and the development of critical thinking skills that will enable palliative care to be delivered to the highest standards at the bedside, within a team, across an organization, within the community and across the system
  • Enable the learner to function as a Palliative Care Resource Nurse who will provide primary level palliative care expertise to the care team within and across his or her organization.

Training Locations:


Date Time Registration

Cambridge Conference Centre, Essex Room
700 Hespeler Rd, Cambridge ON

Mar 20, Apr 24 & Jun 29, 2018 12:30 – 4:30 pm Contact us for More Info