What is Caredove?

The shift to community-based care is happening right now. However, navigating transitions to these services can be difficult. Caredove is a referral management platform that can be used by patients and their formal and informal care providers to easily search, book, and connect with home care and community services.

Caredove’s purpose is to make it easy for professionals to find and connect their patients with the care they need, the kind of care that helps them to remain independent, supported, and healthy.

Caredove…building a Trusted Network of Home Care & Community Services.

Who uses Caredove?

Caredove serves a variety of client types:

  • ‍Home Care & Community Service Providers – Find and connect to services that can help support your client at home. Promote your services and simplify your intake process.
  • Insurers/Payers – Keep your clients out of expensive hospital visits by connecting them with helpful home care & community services.
  • Health Service Networks/Systems – Simplify the referral process to services in your network.
  • Care Coordinators – Easily find & book services, and monitor the progress of the referral.
  • Associations – Publish a branded search site to help people find your members’ services.
  • Hospitals – Reduce re-admissions by ensuring you patient is booked into community services before discharge.
  • Primary Care – Connect patients with services and classes to help manage at home.
  • Patients/Caregivers – Find and connect to services that can help keep you supported at home.
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